30th November - 1st December 2017
Hotel Palace, Berlin, Germany
Advances in decorative and functional automotive surfaces
30th November - 1st December 2017
Hotel Palace, Berlin, Germany
Advances in decorative and functional automotive surfaces
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DAY ONE 30th November 2017


8.30 Registration and refreshments

9.15 Chairman’s welcome and introduction

Jörg Günther, Board of Directors, Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid




9.30 What does a surface communicate? Psychophysical features – iconicity – semantics

Speaker: Michael Haverkamp, Specialist Cross-Sensory Harmonization, Ford Motor Company

• A principle overview and understanding of the various aspects of surface perception

• How this knowledge is important for design and customer-focused development of the vehicle interior

• A look to future developments  in the automotive sector and its implications


10.00 Employing CMF (Color, Material and Finish) to build a special bond with consumers

Speaker: Bertrand Le Sergent, European Designer InVisiOâ„ , PolyOne Color, Additives & Inks Europe

• To successfully design and market new vehicles, designers and engineers know they need to consider touch, appearance, smell and even sound.

• A look at how a custom analysis of customer expectations, societal trends, and colour strategy can help increase brand appeal

• How unique sensory innovations (natural, textile & flecked, marble, cold and heavy touch) build that special connection with consumers.


10.30 Topic and Speaker to be confirmed


11.00 Morning refreshments and networking




11.30 Novel optical multifunctional films for automotive HMI

Speakers: Masayuki Murase, Manager, Display Materials Research Lab, NOF Corporation

Ryosuke Taniuchi, Assistant Manager, Electronics Business Dept. No.1, Sumitomo Corporation

• Unique precision thin layer wet coating process and material formulation to optimise optical characteristics

• Providing anti-glare, anti-reflection, and anti-fingerprint performance for displays or control panels in only one film product

• A variety of films for flat panel lamination and 3D designs by Film Insert Molding

• Challenging enhanced surface durability requirements, optical performance, and 3D design expectations by future new film products


12.00 Fulfilling design trends in IMD / FIM technology with visual depth utilizing transparent plastics  

Speaker: Hans-Peter Erfurt, Manager IMD/FIM Technology, Research & Development, Pröll KG

• Possibilities and limitations by screen printing inks

• Textured protective lacquers for display and panel decoration

• Non-conductive IMD/FIM ink systems for interference-free capacitive electronics applications


12.30 High hardness easy clean surfaces for automotive interiors

Speaker: Martin Herbert, Project Development Manager, MacDermid Autotype

• How applications for displays and touch interfaces within automotive control panels are increasing.

• Why wear of these surfaces from frequent driver and passenger interaction must be minimized during the lifetime of the vehicle.

• A look at the latest range of surfaces deliverable by Film Insert Moulding (FIM), and how these show significant improvements in surface hardness and abrasion resistance combined with “easy clean” without the need for use of detergents or other wet cleaning materials.

• Other properties such as formability, optical performance, chemical, solvent and humid aging resistance, and how these are maintained in the construction giving a truly multi-functional coated layer


13.00 – 14.00 Lunch and networking


14.00 Welcome to the new world of colouring

Speaker: Hendré Vos, Director / CEO, Blue Fox Consulting

• TripleDatt. B.v.b.A.

• Introduction to colouring plastic with masterbatches; a look at the technology

• Introduction to migration technology

• USP's about the new art of colouring against previous pigmented status of colouring.

• Video presentation of the whole process


14.30 High performance migrating anti-scratch solutions for polyolefins

Speaker: Martin Read, Applications Team Leader, Croda

• An introduction to a novel automotive offering

• A look at data generated on “2nd Generation” scratch additives using the “Erichsen Cross-hatch” scratch test and fogging testing

• A discussion as to the sources and methods to alleviate instability, visible bloom, volatiles, stickiness and odour


15.00 Afternoon refreshments and networking


15.30 High Pressure Forming (HPF) - the precise way of forming

Speaker: Udo Weustenhagen, Director Sales & Marketing, Niebling GmbH

• Decorative and functional surfaces in plastics

• Less distortion - high precision - high repeatability

• High volume production due to high level of automatisation with latest surface designs (chrome-, carbon-, wood-optics)




16.00 The effect of copper cations in the corrosion mechanism of decorative Nickel-Chromium multilayered systems

Speaker: Eva García Lecina, Scientific and Technological Coordinator, CIDETEC Surface Engineering 

• Decorative multilayer nickel/chromium coatings

• Accelerated corrosion tests: CASS test

• Copper effect in the corrosion mechanism using electrochemical tests and characterisation techniques

• Exploring the use of localised techniques  in the study of the corrosion mechanism


16.30 Topic and Speaker to be confirmed


17.00 Chair summary of the day

17.30 Networking drinks reception for all attendees


DAY TWO 1st December 2017


8.30  Registration and refreshments

9.00 Chairman’s welcome and introduction

Peter Fuss, Senior Advisory Partner Automotive, Ernst & Young GmbH





9.15 Trends in the surface decoration of plastic components

Speaker: Jörg Günther, Board of Directors, Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid

• Trend reports of the IAA and IFA 2017

• Comparison of design and material trends

• How surface technology correlates closely with industry 4.0


9.45 Autonomous vehicles – the most disruptive innovation in a generation?

Speaker: Peter Fuss, Senior Advisory Partner, Automotive Team, Ernst & Young

• Two large trends to impact on the interior of vehicles: car sharing and autonomous vehicles

• A look at the latter and how things are developing / will develop in the short and longer terms

• When fully autonomous driving technology proves viable and safe and results in the proliferation of highly customized, personalized vehicles catering to families’ or individuals’ specific needs.

• The substantial changes to the interior and surfaces that will inevitably be brought by autonomous vehicles:

   -Expectations of interiors and electronics may change when vehicle owners can take their eyes off the road and begin to rethink comfort,   entertainment, and productivity.

   -New types of interior content for personally owned autonomous vehicles may emerge, along with new design and fabrication competencies.


10.15 Topic and Speaker to be confirmed


10.45 Morning refreshments and networking


11.15 An autonomous car for the future

Speaker: Dave Hilton, Senior Design Director, NIO (and Former Head of Exterior Design Bentley)

• How the future is in smart, electric and autonomous vehicles.  The vision that NIO is working towards

• The NIO Eve – the autonomous car of the future

• Designing a living space that adapts to the consumers needs and moods




11.45 Injection molded structural electronics for multifunctional smart surfaces

Speaker: Antti Keränen, CTO and Co-Founder, TactoTek

• IMSE ; integrating printed electronics (circuitry, sensors and antennas) and discrete electronic components (LEDs, ICs, etc.) inside of 3D plastic structures

• How this is changing the 100 years old picture of electronics as “components in a box” into thin, light and durable 3D smart plastic surfaces.

• IMSE solutions notably reduce space and weight and simplify assembly while creating design differentiation opportunities.

• A look at IMSE examples in automotive industry: instrument clusters, overhead controls, steering wheels, etc.


12.15 Developing touch-sensitive surfaces by functional film insert molding (FFIM)

Speaker: Konrad Kiefer, Project Engineer (Surface Technology and Molded Parts), Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid

• Surface functionalization by Film Insert Moulding; the big trend to replace conventional operating functions (in terms of separate components) by integrated touch fields.

• Screen printing of silver circuits on film substrates

• Limits: material, method and process

• A look at a functionalized demonstrator part that has been developed in a joint project at the Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid. Results, possibilities and challenges.


12.45 – 13.45 Lunch and Networking




13.45 Contemporary automated cleaning and preparation solutions for quality surfaces

Speaker: Steffen Kalisch, Key Account Manager, Cold Jet GmbH

• Where and why do we need surface preparation?

• Traditional cleaning and surface preparation methods

• Dry ice technology as an effective tool to prepare surfaces

• From simple customization to full-automation – efficient integrated cleaning systems for fast & uniform deburring and deflashing without damage to the surface


14.15 Decorative large format Film-Insert-Molding

Speaker: Mike Böing-Messing, Managing Director, BÖ-LA Siebdrucktechnik GmbH

• A look at the challenges for the FIM technology driven by new trends in the automotive interior.

• Focussing on “two-in-one-designs” creating modern and innovative designs with a daytime design and a different night-design; including latest high resolution screen printing technology with illuminated wood and carbon designs.  

• The idea of “symbol in symbol” – giving the opportunity to illuminate two different symbols, in two different colors but in the same place and behind a black-panel.

• Large format FIM trim part

• Large format 3D-formed TFT-display cover with our 3D-capacitive-touch, in different designs, surfaces and textures


14.45 Afternoon refreshments and networking


15.10 Novel light stabilizer reducing surface degradation, blooming and stickiness

Speaker: Gregor Huber, Head Competence Center Automotive, BASF

• Overall trends, consequential requirements and challenges for material suppliers and converters in the automotive industry

• Surface defects: migration, sweat-out/blooming and stickiness – drivers to introduce a new light stabilizer chemistry

• Novel light stabilizer: Tinuvin® 880 – application data

• Conclusion and outlook


15.40 The ultimate advances in sputtering PVD - aesthetic, innovative and robust decorative solutions on injected plastics parts

Speaker: Naoufel Menadi, General Director, Commercial Branch, Safe Demo

• Examining advances in sputtering PVD metallization combined with adapted coatings to achieve aesthetic, innovative and robust decorative and functional solutions for interior and exterior automotive surfaces

• Presentation of local solutions with a global footprint

• A look at the anti-silo approach. Why is it Innovative? Why is it Robust?


16.10 Chair summary of the day and close of conference


Programme may be subject to change


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